Durga Minerals Group of Company

the expert of minerals solution

  • Infrastructure


We have sophisticated infrastructure that Furnished through sophisticated machinery and technology..Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure that the quality of our product is never compromised.

We possess one of the finest infrastructure and boast of our Hitech instrumentation. We possess excellent knowledge and vast experience in the mining field as we have been working in the mining of China Clay and White Clay since A Long Time.


Quality Control

We play the main roll to set our quality standards and Decide which quality standards to focus on. We're coming up with new technologies and bringing improvements to our product.

And by using such new theories and new methodology as we can, we provide the best product to each of our customers according to their needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Great customer service makes life easier for everyone and our company believes in it. Our motto is that each and every one of our customers will have a lasting trust on us. For this we strive our best and deliver our best product to the customer. For us Customer service is not just a department, it is the entire company. That’s reason our company are very accurate for our customer's satisfaction..